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Engaging presentation  v.  Boring Presentation

Have you ever seen a boring presentation? Yes? Really? Me too. Unfortunately too many of those… But why is the presentation boring?

A very common mistake (more…)


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Social Media is not something only marketeers and school kids talk about. It’s a natural part of our everyday life. The way we communicate changes over time and so do the tools we use to talk to each other.

People have always tried to communicate and network socially with the tools available. If we follow through the history of communication, our ancestors have used cave paintings, gesticulation, petroglyphs, pictograms, post pigeons, primitive telecommunications, which have evolved to modern tools we still use today,  and many more… Social Media is (more…)

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How much time do you spend on social media every day? Minutes? Hours? On average many people spend (more…)

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If you are a regular Twitter user you will have come across hashtags ever so often. The hash symbol #, used before a keyword in a tweet, helps to organise your information, a bit like using a text marker to make something stand out. (There is a great overview explaining why to use hashtags on the Twitter Fan Wiki).

Where the heck are they?

In order for you to use hashtags or search for them you have to (more…)

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The number of mobile workers is increasing; companies are introducing “flex desk” systems, so not all employees have their own desk at the office. Workers rather spend more time online and achieve higher productivity by being able to work from anywhere anytime.

According to Gist’s Infographic 3 of 5 workers say they don’t need to be in the office anymore to be productive.

Therefore, the ability to access and share files and documents from any device anywhere and anytime has become essential.

In this blog post I will review and compare a few online file storage (also called cloud storage) options. (more…)

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Each tweet you post on Twitter is restricted to 140 characters – but what do you do if you need more? There are a few possibilities:

Expand your tweet
If you have more on your mind than you can squeeze into a 140 character message you could (more…)

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How do you deal with information in the social media world that is not brand new? Do you still bother reading a blog post that is more than a few days old? Is an article about social media tips outdated after a month?

With hundreds of new articles, blog posts, news pieces being published every day – how do you determine what is still relevant for your social media work and what is already outdated?


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